In Tantra, the letters and corresponding sounds of the alphabet are considered to be infused with the power of the divine mother. In certain combinations, the matrikas (little mothers) are said to exert magical powers.
Drawing techniques which bypass conscious control allow us to access the power of the unconscious, perhaps even the supraconscious!
Hosted by Logical Unsanity Books and Miscellaneous Phantasmagoria, “Matrika” is an exhibition of literature inspired works on paper incorporating drawing techniques developed by the Surrealists.
Coinciding with the book warehouse open day, the works will be on show on Saturday 28 October.  You are invited to see the art, browse the book warehouse and sit and read as long as you like. A workshop exploring surrealist techniques will be held the following day.
 Matrika Works on Paper : 12 midday to 6pm
Saturday 28 October 2017
Entry: free
Drawing Workshop: 3 to 5pm
Sunday 29 October 2017
Cost: $20 per person.
Tea and coffee and some materials provided.
No previous drawing experience required. All welcome.
Please contact me for further information about the workshop and to reserve your place.

Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing

The human subject in states of spiritual exaltation, expansion and contraction continues to be the primary object of fascination in my work.

Selected as a finalist in the Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing 2017, the derelict, filthy, in some places, worn bare figure in ‘Far from Self’ represents the contracted state of consciousness – alienation from Self. Orange and black thread divide the foreground of the picture plane drawing attention to the horizon line – a pictorial convention used to describe the notion of distance. The hulking figure move determinedly onwards.

The finalists’ exhibition runs from 4 to 26 August at Jugglers Art Space Inc.

Open Studio!

Open studio Sunday 28 May 2017 at 3pm. Come and meet the madman behind the drawings, have a cuppa (I have an urn!) and buy direct from the studio.

Status: Unknown

L – R “Cracked” Nicole Crosswell, “Breaking Point” Aden Sargeant, “May Your Suffering Ripen on Me” Leonie Chinn

Status: Unknown

A3 responses to the current state of the world.

OPENING NIGHT: 7-10pm Saturday 4 March 2017

Exhibition continues until Tuesday 14 March 2017 @ Jugglers Art Space Inc.

Go see how some people make sense of a crazy, mixed up world by confining their attention to A3 size rectangles!

May Your Suffering Ripen on Me -2017 – 297 x 420mm – Charcoal and chalk pastel on paper – SOLD

The Lean, Still Noble, Artist Makes Works of Great Sublimity Nourished by Extensive Self-Reflection – 2017 – Collage, ink, charcoal, acrylic on paper – 297 x 420mm


Jugglers X Show

Not a strip show, the X Show is an annual celebration of the work of Jugglers Artspace artists in residence, staff, volunteers, board, friends and family, including me!

Aaron Micallef & Jo Bone | Aaron Veryard | Adam Buchanan | BoHDi | Carmel McGregor | Dominique Chen | Giuseppe Filardo | Guy Lobwein | John Fitz-Walter | Jon Weber | Kat Elizabeth Donald | Kathryn McGovern | Leonie Chinn | Marissa Lindquist | Moozhan Kheiri | Peter Breen | Pippa Lynott | Phil Sheen | Paul Harris | Rachel Apelt | Stella Sui | Steven Falco | Xandolino

Sat 17th – Wed 28th September 2016