Down to the Water with the Lark Magazine

A poem has been written to one of my drawings and it’s not half as grim as you might expect. Down to the Water (and accompanying drawing) feature in the 2nd edition of The Lark Magazine.

The Lark is an independently published magazine for children featuring regular segments on the history of story telling, introductions to authors from the past, a fun look at the practices of philosophical enquiry, as well as mythology, songs, spoken word, riddles and plays.

Editor and author of The Lark Magazine, Anna O’Faolan and I have a history of creative collaboration in film, playwriting and dramatic performance, beginning in Byron Bay in the early 1990s. (Anna and her daughters also feature in drawings from my Whian Whian series.)

In addition to featuring work by grown ups the Lark invites young readers to submit their own artwork, poems or stories. To find out where you can pick up a copy or to learn more about how to submit visit the Lark online.

Anna O’Faolan and I in our intensely moody/dreamy younger years.