Drawing Breath – Solo Exhibition

I am excited to announce my first solo exhibition of drawings, paintings and prints will be at Jugglers Art Space from 15 to 28 September 2016.

The exhibition is called “Drawing Breath” which has significance to me on a number of levels.

Firstly it makes reference to drawing and art making in general as a meditative and devotional practice. In the same way that focussing on the breath can lead to meditative states of consciousness, drawing too can be an exercise in mindfulness and in some cases, can allow us to access levels of consciousness and realms of knowledge which would otherwise remain inaccessible. This is particularly the case when making art is approached as a devotional practice.

The second level of significance is one more personal to me and relates to my return to making art in early 2014 after a hiatus of approximately 10 years. My return to drawing was a time when I became more attuned to the subtle movement of energy within myself and my environment. This was accompanied by an outpouring of creative energy and a feeling that I was returning to myself. Drawing has become a way of expressing some of the increased energetic sensitivity and in this way has become almost as necessary to my well-being as drawing breath.

Finally, drawing breath has the connotation of resurfacing. After a two and a half year period of intense creative activity and introspection (or as introspective as one can be when the mother of two young children) I recently made the step of connecting (in real life) with other artists locally through Jugglers Art Space Inc. in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Jugglers is an artist run organisation with a broad range of programs and services advocating for, exposing and celebrating Brisbane art and providing a vehicle for cultural and spiritual inquiry. I cannot speak highly enough of all they do for local artists and the community and thank them for this opportunity to show my work.

Drawing Breath 

Drawings, paintings and prints by Brisbane artist, Leonie Chinn

 Opening night: 6pm Friday 16 September 2016

Exhibition runs from 15 to 28 September 2016

(Gallery open 10am to 4pm daily)

Jugglers Art Space Inc.

103 Brunswick Street

Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

The human subject, in states of spiritual exaltation, expansion and contraction, is the primary object of fascination in these larger scale drawings and paintings.

Combining elements of gestural, tonal and figure describing contour drawing, the works explore art making as a devotional practice, expressed through the metaphors of drawing breath and drawing near.